the Sound of Science: Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker Kit

Build your own Bluetooth speaker kit fully assembled and some components in front of it

Product information

Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker Kit

Product Dimensions 5.1 x 2.4 x 2.8 inches
Item Weight 9.1 ounces
Country of Origin China
Manufacturer recommended age 10 years and up
Manufacturer CYOEST

Tuning into the Future: The First Note of Your STEM Symphony

Step into the world of sound and technology with the STEM Projects for Kids & Adults Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker by CYOEST.

This kit is ideal for anyone aged 10 years and over, offering an opportunity to escape creatively while also gaining an understanding of sound, electronics, and engineering. It’s not just a project, it’s the beginning of an expedition into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).


  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit: The CYOEST kit comes as a beginner-friendly DIY set, packed with all you need to build your own Bluetooth speaker from scratch.
  • Dual or Single Speaker Options: Depending on your preference, choose between a dual speaker or a single speaker kit to build a speaker system that resonates with you.

What the Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker Kit Teaches

  • Electronics and Sound Engineering: Learn the basics of electronics and sound engineering as you assemble the components to create a working Bluetooth speaker.
  • Hands-on STEM Learning: This project provides a hands-on approach to learning STEM concepts, allowing for a deeper understanding and retention of the knowledge acquired.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Encountering and overcoming challenges during the assembly process will sharpen your problem-solving skills, preparing you for more advanced projects in the future.

What’s Included

  • Laser-cut Wooden Components: These are the pieces that will form the body of your Bluetooth speaker. They are precisely cut to ensure a perfect fit during assembly.
  • Speakers: The kit includes two subwoofer full range speakers, each of which is 2 inches in size, has an impedance of 4 ohms, and a power rating of 3 watts. These speakers are crucial for producing sound once your Bluetooth speaker is assembled.
  • Dual Channel Bluetooth Amplifier Board: This board is the heart of your Bluetooth speaker. It receives audio signals wirelessly from your mobile device via Bluetooth, amplifies the signals, and sends them to the speakers to produce sound.
  • Detailed Instruction Manual: A comprehensive instruction manual guides you through each step of the assembly process, ensuring a smooth building experience.
Text explaining the Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker Kit strengths: good sound quality, easy to use, powerful battery life, hands-on STEM Learning Fun

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What age is this kit suitable for?
    • The kit is suitable for people 10 years and older. It’s easy for beginners, so children and adults who are curious about electronics and sound engineering will find it a fun project to work on.
  2. What do I learn from this kit?
    • This kit offers a chance to learn about electronics, sound engineering, and wireless communication through hands-on experience. While building the Bluetooth speaker, you can learn how electronic parts collaborate to get, amplify, and deliver sound.
  3. What components are included in the kit?
    • The kit has laser-cut wooden parts, two full-range speakers that are 2 inches and 4ohm 3W each, a dual channel Bluetooth amplifier board, and clear and easy-to-follow directions. Keep in mind that four batteries are needed to make the kit work, but they’re not included.
  4. Do I need any additional tools or materials to complete this project?
    • The kit includes all the parts required for assembly, except for the four batteries needed for power. You won’t require a soldering iron or any additional materials.
  5. Can I connect my phone or computer to the Bluetooth speaker once it’s assembled?
    • Yes, once you put together the Bluetooth speaker, you can connect it wirelessly to any mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth to play music.
Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker Kit assembled speakers and smartphone with the text: Wireless connections

Safety Information

The small parts pose a chocking hazard. Keep away from children under 3 years.

Encore of Enlightenment: The Lasting Echo of the CYOEST Experience

The STEM Projects for Kids and Adults is not only a fun activity. It’s also an educational journey into the world of electronics and sound. Throughout the assembly process, you will learn the principles that power the modern world. It’s a valuable experience that encourages curiosity and creativity, perfect for young and seasoned engineers.

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What The Reviews Say About Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker Kit

Pros Cons
No soldering or any other tools neededSound quality issues at higher volumes
Hands-on learning experienceLack of individual volume control on speaker
Fun and engaging project
Functional gadget as end result

CYOEST's "Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker Kit" seems to have received a warm reception from reviewers interested in STEM learning. The kit is praised for its educational value and ability to provide a hands-on learning experience. Customers appreciate the opportunity to learn the basics of sound amplification while building a functional Bluetooth speaker. The kit seems to cater to the curiosity of the learner, offering a blend of education and fun, making the learning process an enjoyable endeavor.

However, delving into some other perspectives, a few reviewers have pointed out a chink in the sound quality. The lack of an individual volume control on the speaker, with sound control being solely dependent on the connected device, is often pointed out as a shortcoming. Some people also observed intermittent sound disruptions during playback or a buzzing sound at higher volume levels. These reviews hint at a minor trade-off between the kit's educational value and sound quality, especially at higher volumes or when seeking to control the sound directly from the speaker.

All in all, the CYOEST Bluetooth Speaker Kit appears to be a balanced blend of educational stimulation and practical fun, with the added appeal of a DIY project. However, the lack of a volume control on the speaker and some reported sound quality issues at higher volumes may be a minor hiccup for some users, especially those with a keen ear for sound quality. Nonetheless, the kit succeeds in its primary goal of providing a hands-on learning experience while delivering a functional gadget.

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