Spark Creativity: The Electric Motors Catalyst by Tinkering Labs

Box and all the contents of the Electric Motors Catalyst

Product information

Electric Motors Catalyst

Product Dimensions 9.69 x 6.69 x 4.09 inches
Item Weight 1.98 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age 8 - 12 years
Batteries 2 AA batteries required.
Manufacturer Tinkering Labs Inc.

A Gateway to Hands-on STEM Learning and Innovation

Ignite the spark of creativity and hands-on learning with the Electric Motors Catalyst from Tinkering Labs. This comprehensive kit is designed to provide a fun, open-ended tinkering experience for young learners. It’s packed with over 50 real parts, including electric motors, a battery pack, and a variety of wood and metal components. Children can use these to build a variety of projects that demonstrate the power and applications of electric motors.

Educational Value

The Electric Motors Catalyst is like taking a trip through the world of science, technology, engineering, and math. The stem kit includes 10 cards with engineering challenges, such as building a machine that draws curvy lines, a machine that scrambles eggs, or a machine that has a suspension system for a car.

Boy holding a build example with the text "great gift for smart kids" underneath

These challenges are designed not only to entertain, but also to stimulate critical thinking and practical problem-solving skills in children. Whenever they build a challenge they explore basic concepts in engineering and physics, providing an educational experience both in the classroom and at home.

Unique Features

Kids are not limited to the tinkering challenges provided. They are encouraged to attach everyday objects or even their favorite LEGO pieces to create entirely new inventions. The kit also includes a 22-page building techniques booklet with useful tips and instructions to help with the creation process.

The Electric Motors Catalyst goes beyond traditional learning methods. Instead, it encourages kids to build their own ideas and see them come to life.

What’s Included With the STEM Kit

  • Electric Components: 2 Electric Motors with Detachable Wires, 1 Battery Pack with Switch, and 2 AA Batteries.
  • Wooden Components: 1 Wooden Chassis, 12 Wooden Wheels in 6 Sizes, and 6 Wooden Connectors in 3 Shapes.
  • Hardware & Connectors: 2 Metal Axles, 4 Metal L-Brackets, 10 Small Bolts with Wing Nuts, 2 Metal Springs, 12 Bushings for Motor and Axle Connections, and 12 Rubber Bands.
  • Tools & Supplies: 1 Pair of Safety Glasses (Child Size), 3 Washable Markers, 1 Large 3-Foot Wide Paper Work Surface, and 1 Full-Size Phillips Head Screwdriver.
  • Storage: 1 Cloth Storage Bag and 1 Clear-Top Metal Hardware Tin.
  • Extras: Printed Tips & Guides, 10 Challenge Cards, 1 Clear Challenge Card Holder, 1 Safety Tips Card, and 1 22-Page Building Techniques Booklet

Safety Measures

Safety is obviously a priority, with the inclusion of child-sized safety glasses. In addition, the quality of the wooden parts and electronics is high, ensuring durability and safe handling.

The kit also comes with a Safety Tips Card that provides guidelines to ensure a safe tinkering experience.

Engage, Explore, and Evolve: Tinkering with Electric Motors Catalyst

The Electric Motors Catalyst is more than just a stem kit. It’s a launching pad for young minds to build, invent, and learn through hands-on engagement. The well thought-out challenges, coupled with the abundance of parts, provide a conducive environment for kids to understand the basic principles of engineering and physics while having fun.

And with safety measures in place, parents and educators can feel secure. Young inventors can dive into a world of endless creativity and learning.

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What The Reviews Say About Electric Motors Catalyst

Pros Cons
Engages and educates young learnersValue for money questioned by some buyers
Inspires creativityAge recommendation too broad
Hands-on understanding of electronicsToo basic for older or more advanced students
Fosters perseverance and problem-solving skills
"Replay value" for ongoing engagement
Makes learning fun through hands-on projects

Reviewers praise the Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit for its engaging and educational value, emphasizing its ability to inspire creativity in young learners. They praise the hands-on understanding of electronics and engineering principles that the kit facilitates. The "replay value" of the kit is highlighted, suggesting that it continues to engage and educate young minds over time, making learning fun. Reviewers often emphasize the kit's role in fostering creativity and grit in budding inventors, with the hands-on projects included particularly praised for making the learning curve fun.

However, the kit has also been the subject of criticism, particularly regarding its value for money and age appropriateness. Some purchasers feel that, despite its educational value, the kit is not good value for money. They cite as disappointing the inclusion of common household items, while also mentioning that the other components are few and smaller than expected. In addition, the age recommendation is seen as too broad, with some buyers finding the kit too basic for older or more advanced students. There are several mentions of 12 year olds completing all the challenges in less than an hour.

The contrasting reviews underscore the importance of aligning expectations with the product's offerings. While the kit ignites creativity and learning in younger novices, it may fall short for older or advanced learners in terms of challenge and value. The broad age recommendation and inclusion of common household items are points of contention among some buyers. However, the "replay value" emphasizes its potential for ongoing engagement, making it a consideration for those seeking a hands-on, educational experience for younger learners.

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