Unlock Math Mastery with Excello Global’s 315-Piece Educational Math Kit

Excello's Global Educational Math Kit box and components

Product information

Educational Math Kit

Package Dimensions 15.2 x 8.62 x 4.49 inches
Item Weight 1.5 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age 6 years and up
Manufacturer Excello Global Products

Make Math a Visual Adventure!

Excello Global’s Educational Math Kit makes math a lively and engaging learning experience. This comprehensive 315-piece set is a treasure trove of educational tools. It is perfect for parents, teachers, and young learners alike.


  1. Educational Posters: Dive into the world of numbers with 12 colorful posters (12 x 16.5 inches), featuring bold, easy-to-read print. Topics covered include basic operations, shapes, money, time, place values, Roman numerals, and fractions.
  2. Flash Cards for Quick Learning: Boost arithmetic skills with double-sided flash cards. These 2.5 x 3.5 inch cards make mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division both fun and effective.
  3. Interactive Math Cubes: Explore counting, patterns, and geometry with 100 plastic, snap-together cubes. Available in a variety of colors, they encourage hands-on learning and creative exploration.
  4. Flip Chart for Place Values: Understand and master place values like never before with this innovative flip chart, presenting values from ones to millions on one side and thousands to thousandths on the other.
  5. Sliding Fact Finders: Make learning dynamic with these engaging tools that offer an interactive approach to studying basic math facts.
All the contents of the Excello Global's educational math kit displayed

Why Choose Excello’s Math Kit?

  • Comprehensive Learning: Addresses a wide range of mathematical concepts, suitable for different learning stages.
  • Engaging Tools: Makes math tangible and interactive, which is crucial for young learners.
  • Quality Materials: Durable and designed to withstand the rigors of classroom use.
  • Easy Storage: Compact and easy to organize, ensuring a clutter-free learning environment.

Educational Value

The Excello Global Educational Math Kit provides a rich learning experience for children. It’s designed to enhance their understanding and appreciation of mathematical concepts. The different components of the kit cater to different learning styles and make math tangible and interactive:

  1. Visual Learning: The colorful educational posters and flashcards stimulate visual learners. They make complex concepts like fractions and place value easier to understand.
  2. Tactile Learning: The snap-together math cubes offer a hands-on approach that is ideal for kinesthetic learners. They can physically manipulate these cubes to understand patterns, counting, and basic geometry.
  3. Engagement: The sliding fact finders and flip chart encourage active participation. This keeps kids engaged and interested in learning new math skills.
  4. Foundational Skills: This kit builds a strong foundation in basic arithmetic, which is essential for future math skills.
Math kit flip chart. Front: values ones to millions. Back: decimals values thousands to thousandths

Safety Information

It is important to note that the kit contains small parts. It is not intended for use by children under the age of 3 due to choking hazards.

Ideal For:

  • Classroom teaching aids
  • Homeschooling resources
  • Supplementary learning tools for children
Stocking Math cubes with the text: 100 plastic cubes - 10 colors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the math kit suitable for all ages?

A: It’s designed primarily for elementary-aged children, but can be used by younger or older kids with supervision.

Q: Can the kit be used for classroom settings?

A: Yes, it’s ideal for both classroom and home use, offering a versatile learning experience.

Q: Are the materials in the kit durable?

A: Yes, they are made to be durable for handling by children in an educational environment.

Q: Is the kit easy to store?

A: The compact design of the components makes it easy to organize and store.

Q: Does the kit require any additional tools or materials?

A: No, it comes complete with all necessary components for a comprehensive learning experience.

Unlock the Fun of Mathematics

With Excello Global‘s Educational Math Kit, math becomes more than numbers on a page. It becomes a colorful, interactive journey of discovery and learning. By bridging the gap between abstract numbers and tangible learning tools, it encourages children to explore, question, and understand the fundamentals of mathematics. Experience the joy of math today!

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What The Reviews Say About Educational Math Kit

Pros Cons
Versatile for creating math games and challengesSome cubes difficult to stick together
Flashcards are user-friendlySliding charts tricky to reassemble
Place value chart is easy to usePlace value chart has some improperly cut cards
Ideal for hands-on learningPosters need flattening due to tight roll
Supports visual learning and problem-solvingQuality control issues with some components
Beneficial for all elementary ages
Good for homeschooling

Excello Global's Educational Math Kit is a comprehensive tool that appeals to parents and educators, especially homeschoolers. Users appreciate its versatility. It allows them to create customized games and challenges that are especially effective for hands-on learning. The kit includes various components such as flashcards, a place value chart, linking cubes, sliding practice charts, and posters. The flashcards are organized on rings that are easier to use and more manageable than a regular deck of cards. The place value chart is notable for its cuteness and ease of use, although some of the cards can suffer from a lack of precision in cutting.

However, there are a few drawbacks that reviewers point out. For example, while the linking cubes are functional, they can be difficult to hold together, especially when used in ways other than stacking. This can lead to moments of frustration for both kids and adults when the cubes don't stick together as expected. The sliding practice boards, another component, need careful handling as they can be difficult to reassemble if they are pulled out too far. This could be a potential source of frustration for children who find such tasks challenging. In addition, the kit's posters, while of high quality and vibrant color, are a bit of an inconvenience as they need to be flattened due to the tight packaging.

Overall, the kit receives positive evaluations. It is seen as a valuable resource for elementary school children that offers a number of educational benefits, making it particularly useful for homeschooling. Its various components support visual learning and problem solving. Users recommend improvements, such as laminating the posters for durability, and express the need for better quality control in manufacturing. In spite of these minor issues, the kit is valued for the overall educational value it provides.

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