Unveiling Periodic: A Game of the Elements

Box view of Periodic: a Game of the Elements

Product information

Periodic: A Game of the Elements

Product Dimensions 11.5 x 8.62 x 2 inches
Item Weight 2.38 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age 10 - 12 years
Manufacturer Genius Games

Where Chemistry Meets Strategy in Board Gaming

You’ve heard of Monopoly and Scrabble, but how about a board game that makes you smarter in science? Enter Periodic: A Game of the Elements. This isn’t just a game, it’s a chemistry lesson wrapped in strategic play. Designed by Genius Games to teach you about the periodic table and fundamental principles of chemistry, Periodic offers a unique blend of education and entertainment.

Who’s It For?

Whether you’re a science teacher looking for an engaging classroom tool, a parent aiming to supplement your child’s education, or an adult gamer with a penchant for science, this game is for you. It’s perfect for ages 10 and up, making it a versatile choice for family game nights or classroom settings.

The Gameplay Mechanics

In Periodic, strategy is key. Players move across the periodic table, collecting elements and activating periodic trends like “decrease atomic mass” or “increase atomic radii.” But it’s not just a mad dash for elements, you’ll need to plan your moves carefully. The game employs an Action Economy and Tactical Movement system that keeps even the most seasoned gamers on their toes.

Educational and Accurate

Don’t mistake this for a mere game. Periodic is a teaching tool that aligns with STEM and NGSS standards. It covers all the elements, groups, and periodic trends you’d learn about in a high school or college chemistry class. It’s a Mensa-recommended game that offers a fun yet accurate depiction of science.

Display of Periodic: A Game of Elements

Safety First

While Periodic: A Game of the Elements is intellectually stimulating, it’s also safe for younger players. The game components are designed with safety in mind, adhering to quality standards. However, due to small parts, it’s not suitable for children under 10. Always supervise younger players to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Why You Should Buy Periodic

If you’re looking for a game that’s as educational as it is entertaining, Periodic is a no-brainer. It’s a unique way to make chemistry accessible and fun for people of all ages. Plus, it’s a great gift for science teachers, making it a win-win for both education and entertainment.

Awards and Recognition

Don’t just take our word for it, Periodic has been recognized for its excellence. In 2021, it received a Mensa Recommended award, solidifying its place as a top-tier educational game.

Periodic: A Game of the Elements: More Than Just a Game

Board games can have an amazing educational value and Periodic: A Game of the Elements is a perfect example of that. With its strategic gameplay and educational value, it’s the perfect addition to any classroom or family game night. So why settle for games that only offer entertainment when you can have one that educates as well? Choose Periodic and elevate your gaming experience.

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What The Reviews Say About Periodic: A Game of the Elements

The first thing that stands out from the reviews is the game's educational value. While it's not a full-blown chemistry class, it does offer a fun way to get familiar with the periodic table and its elements. Players, including kids as young as 9, found that the game helped them understand atomic numbers, atomic mass, and other chemical properties. However, it's worth noting that some users felt the game's instructions were a bit complicated. They recommended watching YouTube tutorials to get a better grasp of the gameplay.
Secondly, the game's quality and design have received high praise. Users mentioned the high-quality components and visually appealing board. The game is not only about learning. It's also about enjoying a well-crafted gaming experience. This makes it a hit for both educational purposes and as a enjoyable board game. The game seems to be particularly popular among those who already have an interest in science, but it doesn't alienate those who are new to the subject.
Lastly, the game's complexity is a point of contention. While some users found it straightforward, especially those familiar with medium-weight Euro-style games, others found it a bit challenging to get into. The game does require a time commitment both to learn and to play. So, if you're looking for a quick and simple game, this might not be the best fit. However, for those willing to invest the time, the game offers a rich, rewarding experience that combines education and entertainment in a unique way.

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