Vector Ball: The Future of Cognitive Training

vector ball with all different color possibilities

Product information

Vector Ball

Brand ‎Eye On Ball
Material TPE
Item Weight ‎5.25 Ounces
Item Diameter 3 Inches
Manufacturer Eye On Ball

Meet the Vector Ball. At first glance, it may look like an ordinary baseball or cricket ball, but it’s so much more. It’s a revolution in reflex and cognitive training. Designed for sports and the mind, the Vector Ball is made to improve your reflexes, agility, coordination and focus.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Color Change: Engage in unpredictability. The ball changes color with each bounce. It could turn red, green, or blue, indicating your next move.
    • Red? Catch it with your right hand.
    • Green? Catch it with your left hand.
    • Blue? Catch it with both hands.
  2. Cognitive Boost: This isn’t only for exercising your body. It also sharpens your mind. Regular use boosts the speed at which your brain processes information.
  3. For Everyone & Everywhere: The Vector Ball is for everyone, no matter what sport you play, your age, or skill level. It works for a variety of sports, ranging from basketball to motor sports. Cognitive vision exercise with the ball surpasses regular athletic training. You can even utilize it for everyday exercise and physical therapy.
  4. Built to Last: The Vector Ball can handle any weather and environment because it’s tough and watertight. Its compact size and light weight allow you to bring it with you almost anywhere.
  5. Varied Drills: The Vector Ball provides a variety of exercises, guaranteeing that you won’t get bored with your workout.

Cognitive Training – A Deeper Dive

Cognitive Vision Training (CVT), also known as Neuro-Visual Training, helps the brain process information quickly and accurately. Strong limbs don’t guarantee performance; a swift brain is just as crucial. The Vector Ball improves both. With every color switch and unpredictable bounce, the brain must adapt, enhancing its processing, decision-making, and reaction skills through every session.

Why Vector Ball Stands Out:

  • Inclusivity: It is inclusive and can be of use to people of all ages and skill levels.
  • Real-World Preparedness: Life doesn’t have a guidebook. The unpredictability of the Vector Ball reflects real-life situations and prepares you for real-world scenarios.
  • Visual Perception Amplifier: A quick decision can have a big impact. The Vector Ball, with its unpredictable movements, helps you improve your ability to track things visually.
  • Mental-Physical Synchronization: It is not only an effective workout for your body, but also for your brain’s executive functions. When you get them in sync, it guarantees that your body and your brain will work as a single unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cognitive Benefits Does the Ball Offer?

It trains various visual cognitive skills, parameters, and processes, enhancing reaction time. By doing exercises and drills, Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) with the VECTOR BALL boosts information processing ability, reaction speed, and decision-making. CVT enhances mental acuity and suits individuals of all ages and skill levels.

How Does it Aid in Cognitive Vision Training (CVT)?

The Vector Ball flashes briefly, with unpredictable color changes (Red, Green, or Blue) upon each bounce or catch. This unpredictability facilitates CVT exercises and drills. For example, if the ball flashes “Red,” an athlete may be required to catch it with their “Right” hand, improving the quick translation of visual information into precise actions.

Is it Beneficial For All Ages?

The ball is appropriate for everyone, both young and old. It is designed to improve decision making and mental acuity, which makes it a versatile tool for cognitive enhancement.

Can it Be Utilized Across Different Sports?

The ball can enhance athletic performance in a wide variety of sports, including baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, and many others. It’s particularly useful in sports that require mental sharpness and quick decision-making.

How Does VECTOR BALL Work?

It emits quick flashes of light while changing its color unpredictably when bounced or caught. This unpredictable visual information is essential in CVT exercises and training, which help enhance athletes’ reaction speed.

Safety and Additional Information

The Vector Ball is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. It’s advisable to consult your healthcare provider for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition before using this product.

For more information including the terms of use, warranty and warning click here.

Final Thoughts

Eye On Ball, Inc. understands that in the realm of training, it’s not solely about quick reflexes but rather reflexes with a goal. The Vector Ball changes the game in that regard. Your muscles and cognitive dexterity are toned with each throw, catch, or bounce. It’s more than just training; it’s about getting ready for life. Try it for yourself and experience the difference.

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What The Reviews Say About Vector Ball

The Vector Ball has gained considerable attention for its potential as a tool for therapy and training. An individual who was recuperating from a stroke discovered that it effectively improved their reaction time. They compared it to workouts advised by professional therapists. This view was supported by another professional on the stroke floor who said that the product helped assist patients in their rehabilitation while also motivating them. The fact that the ball can be used as both a therapeutic and motivational tool shows that it can be useful in many situations, not just stroke recovery.

Some people, including accomplished multi-sport athletes, found it challenging to see the ball's tangible impact on improving performance in actual sports. They weren't sure if the benefits were due to the repetitive movement or a neurological response. Parents and college coaches found value in the product and included it in training for different age groups. They agreed that the ball was fun and engaging for users of all ages, even though its effectiveness for experienced athletes was debated.

The ball was generally well-received, but some concerns were raised about its construction and pricing. The ball didn't bounce much, and some users wanted a more lively reaction. Reviewers are talking about the product's value for money, particularly because it has a basic design. But, occupational therapists and other professionals consider the price reasonable due to the product's potential uses. The ball is generally popular with different users, but its worth and usefulness may differ based on individual opinions, like any other product.

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